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  • Zillow | SparkPost Signals1:29

    Zillow | SparkPost Signals

    Zillow's Director of Product Management discusses how SparkPost Signals empowers his team to proactively address potential customer issues.

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  • Cordial | SparkPost Signals1:15

    Cordial | SparkPost Signals

    Cordial's Deliverability Manager shares how SparkPost Signals removes a lot of manual process while providing helpful, easily consumable predictive data to share with their customers.

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  • Choosing an Email Service Provider0:37

    Choosing an Email Service Provider

    Seth Weisfeld, Product Manager at Pinterest, talks about what to look for when choosing an email service provider.

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  • Pinterest talks Scalability and Burst Rates0:38

    Pinterest talks Scalability and Burst Rates

    Product Manager Seth Weisfeld from Pinterest talks about scalability and burst rates.

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  • Justin Newton (Netki) on Email Deliverability with SparkPost®1:24

    Justin Newton (Netki) on Email Deliverability with SparkPost®

    Justin Newton from Netki talks about analytics and scaling with SparkPost.

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